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The Grand Rapids estate planning attorneys at Kline Law can help you buildan effective estate plan — enabling you to control your affairs and property through the many stages of your life. Whether you are younger and building for the future, working hard to improve your future or getting ready to enjoy your ‘future’ — having the right estate plan in place will protect both you and your family.

Estate planning does not simply mean preparing your will and completing the right documents. This complex process involves intricate planning and outlining of your personal and family goals — and creating a detailed and effective plan to accomplish those goals.

Kline Law specializes in the following areas of estate planning:

  • Estate Plans for Vacation Property
  • Wills and Grantor Trusts
  • Asset Protection
  • Powers of Attorney
  • Patient Advocate Designations

A successful estate plan will give you power and control throughout every stage of your life. When you need medical care if you are ill, when you must make important medical decisions for an incapacitated spouse or when property needs to be properly distributed after your passing — an estate plan will help you dictate how things are handled. Kline Law also specializes in preparing estate plans for individuals with vacation homes or cottages and the related property issues that can occur when property is distributed from a will or trust.

Effective estate planning can protect your assets from being cleared out by the costs of long-term care if you are hospitalized and can also reduce or eliminate court fees and taxes when you have passed.

If you are ready to control your future or simply have questions about the estate planning process, contact the Grand Rapids estate plan attorneys at Kline Law or call our office directly at 616.719.7603.